Helikeschat Version History

Pre-Release Modifications
05 August, 2004 - 1.1.0: (1211 KB) Feature - Registration window added; in demo mode, 50 records can be entered; user privacy enabled; completed on-line documentation

02 August, 2004 - 1.0.7: (1169 KB) Feature - Optional color styled text submenu is now accessible through conditional button on dialog box -- giving moderator more control over user access

21 July, 2004 - 1.0.6: (1152 KB) Features - Added three buttons for toggling administrative preferences on Admin Preferences window; date stamp for exported records included in clipboard name; User prototype omits styled text formatting options but includes submenu that has a Font menu; when enabled, the lock icon opens Admin Preferences for administrators; deleted global settings left from prior testing thus reverting to defaults

17 July, 2004 - 1.0.5: (1156 KB) Features - Included styled text option only visible while browsing -- not on lists -- this causes a keyword-indexed plain text and styled text version of messages to be saved; provided visible dialog box for toggling three administrative preferences; added ability to save and restore a session state

12 July, 2004 - 1.0.4: (1069 KB) Feature - Included Import & Replace Chats option

10 July, 2004 - 1.0.4: (1062 KB) Features - Following a discussion on the Friday Helix chat session, an inert thread-browsing feature was included that prevents record locking by posting incremented chat numbers to a user variable Relation (only when Multi-User option is activated and each user has a unique login name). Enabled individual records from chat to be deleted by Moderator; Admin message area increased to 80 characters (up from 70); cosmetic change (removal of horizontal rule) in Admin Preferences window

08 July, 2004 - 1.0.3: (983 KB) Features - Included 'Re: User' in short message reply; reduced amount of colors in background images; alt login with Edit Users dialog; modified login password access; included visible default thread topic for first message; provided Admin menu command to reset user thread counts; replaced auto-open post View with conditional sequence for New User Profile; revised form validation; included invalid operation window alert; made global message field larger; added conditional lock icon; added menu to display open windows

07 July, 2004 - 1.0.2: (879 KB) Fix - Corrected appearance of default button on message reply window; conditional lookup to User Variables for default thread included

06 July, 2004 - 1.0.1: Fix - Added "refresh" to enter sequence on cold forms so log file is kept current before concatenaton

05 July, 2004 - 1.0.0: Released for HT evaluation

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