Helicidae Benchmarker History

Changes in Version 5.3.2

Catching up with a prior version of Helix, this HB5 version number may cause slight confusion. Nevertheless, the modifications are small warranting only an incremental update.

  1. Added network menu option for AirPort 54Gb WAN.
  2. Corrected capitalization from "Airport" to "AirPort."
  3. Modified first-run default multiplier value to 8 for WAN.
  4. Widened area for seconds on benchmark list for more digits.
  5. Added a Benchmark for Intel iMac over WAN.
  6. Changed erroneously identified "p Bus" to "100MHz Bus."
  7. Included a simplified user Prototype for "Demo." This is designed to be duplicated with a user named "Demo" and prevents export, record printing, and mass deletion while omitting Server Info menu selection.
Changes in Version 5.3

Create System Configuration window allows for easy updating as new Mac models are released. Version 5.2.1 paved the way by looking up specs from previously tested systems. Going furher, this version stores predefined stock configurations so even specs of untested Macs are available. Other alterations bring HB5 closer to the goal of future text-only updates. (Version 5.3.1: changes within Quick Instructions dialog.)

  1. + Improved menu interaction and defaulted values.
  2. + Create System Configuration window for registered users
  3. + Most stock Mac configurations are now predefined.
  4. Added Server benchmarks for iMac Intel Core Duo.
  5. Included more menu selectable Mac systems.
  6. Removed Import Menus and Export Menus from Prototype.
  7. Changed User Prototype from *Tester to *Client*
  8. Primary "Benchmarker" User became permanent Administrator.
  9. Restricted Rosetta configuration option to Helix 6 on Intel
  10. Operating system versions now appear in descending order.
  11. In keeping with legendary Apple specs, 166MHz is no longer rounded up to 167MHz.
  12. Validation warns selecting Helix Server 6 running on OS 9.
  13. Corrected error in converting HD Cache to MB (not GB).
  14. Corrected character spacing for "Core 2 Duo".
  15. Multi-processor names are more intelligently appended with discretionary "DP" or "Quad" only when it isn't redundant.
  16. Eliminated duplication in Configuration menu when more than one user is activated.
  17. Prior records affected by name finessing were edited for consistency.
  18. Broke indexes prior to compression for smaller archive.
Changes in Version 5.2.1
  1. + Improved network menu validation
  2. + Validated OS X against Helix RADE
  3. + Added Rosetta configuration option
  4. + Enabled Demo user restrictions for registered copies
  5. + Default configuration data now looks up prior benchmarks if global is unavailable
  6. Added benchmarks for Mac mini
  7. A quirky progress bar issue was discovered when using Helix RADE 6 Classic that is not apparent when using version 6 of Helix Server OS X. HB5 has now been coded to display the striped progress bar by default rather than nothing at all.
Changes in Version 5.2

The suite of benchmark tests have remained unchanged since HB1. In HB4, a progress bar display option was added and timing method improved in HB4.1. Server Record Multiplier option was included in HB5 to extrapolate long test results from a smaller subset of records.

  1. + Unified multi-user (MU) distribution (also used for SU).
  2. + Included new Mac Intel systems in selection menus.
  3. + Added more bus speed menu selections for Configuration.
  4. + Enhanced default OS based on Helix product and version.
  5. + More validation within Helix Product, Speed and Processors.
  6. Changed default network speed to TCP/IP Ethernet T100 LAN.
  7. Removed reference to "Classic (10.5x)".
Changes in Version 5.1
  1. + HB5 MU version provided for saving multiple defaults.
  2. + Added more bus speed menu selections for Configuration.
  3. + Extended demo to 10 more than total internal records.
  4. Enabled Client CPU Configuration menu only for Helix Server.
  5. Disabled option for Save&Log for Helix Server 6 (auto on).
  6. Replaced corrupted non-functioning menu Power Query.
  7. Replaced inaccurately reported Helix Server Benchmark and added several more.
Changes in Version 5.0.2 and 5.0.3
  1. + More validation within Helix Product, Speed and Processors.
  2. Activation of minutes/seconds toggle on Benchmark lists.
  3. Includes RADE 6 test for PowerBook G4 17".
  4. Corrected posted variable for OS in Personalize Reports window.
Changes in Version 5.0.1
  1. + Additional validation within Helix Product, version and OS dynamic menus.
  2. Removal of "Allocated RAM" label from OS X native Helix Server benchmark reports.
  3. Searches for future systems with "Intel" processors enabled.
  4. Xserves added to System Name menu.
  5. Correction of misspelled word in Personalize Reports window.
  6. Changed color for conditional text on an Analysis subform.
Changes in Version 5

Though this version includes new features, for accurate comparisons, the basic suite of tests is unaltered from HB4. The exception is the optional Server Record Multiplier. Impact on overall time may result in less than five percent variance of time. See online instructions for optimization advice.

  1. + Benchmark Analysis displays bar charts with more than two dozen options
  2. + Server Record Multiplier added to reduce evaluation time by extrapolating results
  3. + Save & Clear Cache (usually disabled for Helix Server) automatically activated between tests with Helix Server 6+
  4. + Enhanced "Build Records" window with minutes, seconds, and estimated remaining time
  5. + Menu for specifying "Rosetta" or "Universal" with Intel Macs
  6. + Includes ability to toggle list display of seconds or minutes
  7. + Numeric field for specifying Ramjet/Buffer size within Configuration Options
  8. + Added USB Flash Drives to Configuration options
  9. + Includes more sort options for list
  10. + Defined "Create" and "Link Match" in system import window
  11. + Transparent validation prevents common errors by ignoring invalid selections and instead saving a valid option
  12. + Main window opens Configuration Options when Enter key is pressed and configuration is undefined
  13. + Configuration menu options updated with current values
  14. + Replaced "10000 records" with "10K" records on detailed report view
  15. + Numeric seconds converted to minutes beneath progress bar while records are being built
  16. + Registration window added to enable additional Benchmark Analysis beyond first report
  17. + Menu item added to purge incomplete reports which may occur as a result of aborting the Configuration Options window
  18. + Incomplete reports automatically removed when processing any new report
  19. Changed comparative time percentage to multiple (was "150%" now "1.5 times")
  20. To conserve space, internal PICT previews of image-document graphics were removed; Helix now generates them on-the-fly
  21. Corrected erroneous appearance of "Ramjet" on prior reports where Helix version did not support such
  22. Helix "Runtime" product menu option changed to Helix "Engine"
Changes in Version 4.1.1

Correcting the location of Save in the sequence before the first test provides consistency. But this may have the effect of slightly reducing time previously record with prior versions if they were to be rerun.

  1. Corrected variable so long report format can be displayed in main window
  2. For more consistency, timer begins after initiating Save rather than before since the Save interval can vary.
Changes in Version 4.1
  1. + "Progress Bar" button toggles activation of progress bar
  2. + Elapsed time displayed on first pass when progress bar activated
  3. + "Personalize Reports" added to menu
  4. + Author name (from Personalize Reports) appears on main entry form
  5. + Client and Collection Info added to File menu
  6. Conditional buttons visually disabled when invalid
Changes in Version 4

Progress bar has potential for affecting timed results because of displaying a graphic but such perception was unsupported by tests.

  1. + Updated interface with Panther look
  2. + Progress bar added to test window
  3. Menu labels include recently released Mac models
Changes in Version 3
  1. + More configuration details visible on printable list
  2. + Configuration options accessible by clicking Config. Notes label (Bus speed requires manual confirmation.)
  3. Configuration details added to existing benchmarks
  4. Corrected rounding errors (fractions) with two-pass averaging
  5. System name included in continuation window for verification
  6. Space removed between number and unit (e.g.: 1GB)
  7. "RAM" field label changed to "Allocated Memory" for clarity
  8. Record-specific configuration string added to exported benchmarks
Changes in Version 2
  1. + Verified time results (user option to run 2x and average both)
  2. + Audio feedback (beep) between tests
  3. + More color on printable list to distinguish fastest benchmark
  4. + Default System Info export file name copied to Clipboard
  5. + New verified reference times included
  6. + Visble numeric changes on first test
  7. + Monospaced font in results field
  8. + Option to purge global defaults (View menu)
  9. + List of benchmarks is now sortable by date, configuration, or test time
  10. Reformatted results (short and long formats include flush-right numbers)
  11. Math correction to comparison time
  12. Additional default menu-selectable OS options
  13. More configuration detail in "Compare" menu
  14. Helix RADE creator type (HXPD) instead of Runtime (HXPR)
Version 1
  1. Functional application with no audio or visual feedback during single-pass timed suite of six tests

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