Why aren't you actively developing Helix products now?

"Helix Developer" is one of several professions, in which I dabbled to hedge my "bets" more than a decade ago. I reasoned there was a tangent relationship to graphic design. It appeared paper office forms were going digital and Helix offered a dynamic method of generating forms and catalog data.

The initial premise of Helix RADE was amazingly simple: replicate the Macintosh Finder as a development environment and add some flow-chart type method of building the logic. Over the years, the Finder has become, well, "iTunes" for the most part. Content is organized in a column along the left side next to a main-view window. Quick Look offers a graphically rich way to flip through information. Guess what? We are not only describing the current Finder but Bento of all things - the stripped down FileMaker wantabe with hooks to an iPhone app. As a result, the entire premise of Helix RADE seems foreign by comparison.

I still use Helix RADE personally. The things it enables me to do are still mind boggling in this day and age. Yet, in its transitional state, Helix breaks some of the functionality of my apps when running under Mac OS X. There is no financial incentive to hunt down all the anomalies. So more energy has been focused on my other identities.

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